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A battlefield : Ploegsteert and Warneton 1914-1918. History and Archeology

Francis De Simpel and Dominique Loridan, “Heritage Institute of Wallonia”, 2014.

The Great War in Comines-Warneton: occupation, destruction, Battle of Messines, etc.

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By mid-October 1914 the sector of Comines-Warneton has become the scene of bloody fighting between the German and British armies. The frontline, bypassing the town of Ypres and crossing the current entity of Comines-Warneton. is now established
The latter, today in Wallonia, is directly affected by the successive battles of Ypres and more particularly the capture of Messines Ridge by the Allied troops in June 1917.
This notebook is a short evocation of the events which painfully affected local civilians and soldiers and left so many traces in the landscape.
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Memories of the « Société d’Histoire de Comines-Warneton et de la Région », Volume 44

Jean-Marie Duvosquel (sub-editor), Marcel Bouckhuyt and Jean-Claude Walle (sub-editor assistants), Documentation centre of the « Société d'Histoire de Comines-Warneton et de la région », 2014.

Each year, the “Société d’Histoire de Comines-Warneton” publishes a collection of articles about the area. Several of them put forward the results of research works carried out by the members of the Historical Society and focusing on the Great War. On the occasion of the Great War Centenary the volume 44 offers more specific accounts such as the correspondence of Otto Hahn, future Nobel Prize laureate.

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